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Author(s): Ferencz, M.
Title: Anthropological analysis of Avar-age series from the location Csepel-Szabadkikötő
Year: 1986
Volume: 19
Pages: 23-49.

Abstract: The author examined the anthropological finds of 31 7th – 8th century individuals which were collected in a rescue excavation carried out during the construction of the Free Port of Csepel. The averages of measurements and indices are published as well as the range of variations and the similarity to other Avar-age series is studied by the author.
Keywords: Craniometry, Avar Age, Csepel-Szabadkikötő

Journal: Anthropologia Hungarica
Journal abbreviation:
ISSN: 0574-3842
Publisher: Múzsák Közművelődési Kiadó, Budapest
Editor(s): Tóth, T. & Nemes, I.