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Author(s): Agócsy, P.
Title: Útkeresés az entomológiában
Title: New approaches in Entomology
Year: 1965
Volume: 18
Pages: 445-457.

Abstract: Author contends that entomologists refer to, or rely on, the possibilities of modern techniques less than do the research workers ot other sciences. Collecting and evaluating techniques have hardly changed for the better since about the turn of the century, whereas engineering sciences and the techniques applied, or applicable, have advanced tremendously. Five examples are submitted to give encouraging pictures of the possible collaboration between antomology and other disciplines, mainly the technical sciences. They are as follows: the evaluation of light-trap data by electronic computers; the functioning of bait-traps by by supersonic devices; the utilization of slow-motion pictures in etology; consideration in connection with information theories in the evaulation of systematical featureas; finally, illustrations by graphs in the case of work with very great numbers or data in an entomological problem. In his summary, author proposes hitherto unusual cooperations between the exponents of several disciplines, e.g. that of biologist and electric engineer, or mathematician and biologist. By these, new research relationships and commonly fruitful advences could be made in all relevant fields.

Journal: Folia entomologica hungarica
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ISSN: 0373-9465
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