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Author(s): Móczár, L.
Title: Miért fordul meg kürtője peremén a Paragymnomerus spiricornia (Spinola) (Hymenoptera: Eumenidae)
Title: Why does Paragymnomerus spiricornis (Spinola) turn around on the rim of its turret (Hymenoptera)
Year: 1974
Volume: 27
Pages: 121-129.

Abstract: Concerning the behaviour of the species the paper analyses details which refer to the turning around of the wasp on the rim of its turret, followed immediately by its retreat into the passage. Retreat may be caused by oviposi-tion, preparations for the night, weather conditions, but also several heretofore obscure reasons. The known series of actions of the wasp, namely chamber construction - oviposition - food storing, is not a rigidly innerved process.

Journal: Folia entomologica hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Folia ent. hung.
ISSN: 0373-9465
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Editor(s): Mahunka, S.