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Author(s): Franz, H.
Title: Monographie der südamerikanischen Scymaeniden mit Einschluss einiger mittelamerikanischer Arten (Coleoptera)
Year: 1980
Volume: 33
Pages: 39-264.

Abstract: Taxonomic-systematic elaboration and zoogeographic-faunagenetical evaluation of the terricolous Scydmaenidae inhabiting the tropical South America, the temperate Valdivia and Jamaica of the Caribbean islands. The following nine new genera are described (Archiconnus, Napochomorphus, Euconnomorphus, Heteroscydmus, Pseudoraphes, Alloraphes, Pseudoconnus, Mimoscydmus, Microraphes), further six new subgenera (Conoscydmaenus and Parageoscydmaenus in genus Scydmaenus; Nudatoconnus and Valdivioconnus in genus Euconnus; Neoscydmus in genus Microscydmus; Parapseudoconnus in genus Pseudoconnus). 230 new species and subspecies are described in the following genera: Scydmaenus Latr. (44), Euconnus Thoms. (144), Archiconnus gen. n. (1), Homoconnus Sharp (4), Protoconnus Franz (6), Microscydmus Saulcy, Croiss. (12), Napochomorphus gen. n. (1), Euconnomorphus gen. n. (1), Hetroscydmus gen. n. (1), Stenichnus Thoms. (1), Pseudoraphes gen.n (2), Scydmoraphes Reitt. (1)Alloraphes gen. n. (4), Pseudoconnus gen. n. (4), Mimoscydmus gen.n. (1), Microraphes gen.n. (1). For the genera and subgenera rich in species keys are prepared based on external morphological characters, while the male genitalia are depicted in figures. Key is prepared for the genera belonging in the tribe Stenchini and two catalogues are given for the ascertained species of the tropics and Valdivia, respectively.

Journal: Folia entomologica hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Folia ent. hung.
ISSN: 0373-9465
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Editor(s): Mahunka, S.