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Author(s): Eskov, K. Y.
Title: The spider genera Savignya Blackwall, Diplocephalus Bertkau and Archaraeoncus Tanasevitch (Aranei, Linyphiidae) in the fauna of Siberia and the Soviet Far East
Year: 1988
Volume: 49
Pages: 13-39.

Abstract: The Siberio-Far Eastern fauna of Archaraeoncus, Diplocephalus and Savignya (1,9 and 9 species, respectively) has been revised. A. sibiricus sp. n., D. marusiki sp. n., D. mirabilis sp. n., D. montanus sp. n., D. sphagnicolus sp. n., D. uliginosum sp. n., S. zero sp. n. and S. borea sp. n. (all Eastern Siberia), S. basarukini sp. n., S. saitos sp. n. and S. ussurica sp. n., (all Far East) have been described, the first description of the female of S. producta Holm, 1977 has been given. New synonyms: D. subrostratus (O.P.- Cambr., 1873) = D. cuneatus (Em., 1909), syn. n. = D. maculifrons Kulcz., 1926, syn. n. The rank of Hemistajus Schenk., 1934 as an independent subgenus of Diplocephalus has been treated as overrated, instead the barbatus-group has been proposed. Savignya (s. str.) has been redefined based on the genital conformation of both sexes. The synonymy of Savignya = Delorrhipih Sim., 1884 has been rejected; S. harmsi Wund., 1980, S. superstes Thal., 1984 and S. galeriformis Tan., 1987 have been shown to represent genera other than Savignya. A key has been elaborated to the species of Savignya. Comments have been given on the zoogeography of Savignya and Siberian Diplocephalus.

Journal: Folia entomologica hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Folia ent. hung.
ISSN: 0373-9465
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Editor(s): Mahunka, S.