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Author(s): Szűts, T.
Title: On remarkable jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) from Papua New Guinea
Year: 2003
Volume: 64
Pages: 41-57.

Abstract: Jumping spiders with a remarkable, unique carapace shape are discussed. The genera Leptathamas Balogh, 1980 and Furculattus Balogh, 1980 are redescribed and illustrated, and the unknow male of Leptathamas paradoxus Balogh, 1980 is described for the first time. Comparison is made to other genera with four eye rows [Leptathamas Balogh, 1980, Athamas O. P. - Cambridge, 1877 and Bulolia Zabka, 1996), as they may be related. Athamas debakkeri sp. n. is described from New Ireland. New distributional data of the taxa mentioned are presented. With 24 original drawings and 14 photos.
Keywords: new species, redescriptions, Furculattus, Leptathamas, Athamas, Bulolia

Journal: Folia entomologica hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Folia ent. hung.
ISSN: 0373-9465
Publisher: ,
Editor(s): Mahunka, S.