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Author(s): Prieto, C. & Bálint, Zs.
Title: Two new lycaenid butterfly species from the high Andes of Ecuador and Peru (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae: Eumaeini)
Year: 2007
Volume: 68
Pages: 157-171.

Abstract: Two new Eumaeini species from the high Andes of Ecuador and Peru are described and diagnosed: Penaincisalia amatamba sp. n. (type locality: Chiguinda-Sigsig, Azuay/Morona-Santiago, Ecuador) and Abloxurina dominiquae sp. n. (type locality: Huancabamba, Pasco, Peru). Imagines and male genitalia of Penaincisalia amatamba are compared with Abloxurina amatista (DOGNIN, 1895) (the type species of Abloxurina) and Penaincisalia balzapamba (JOHNSON, 1992) (the most closely related species according to dorsal forewing androconia and genital structures). We present a brief discussion on selected characters of this species in relationwith its close relatives. The holotype of Abloxurina dominiquae sp. n. is documented and the species is compared with Abloxurina duviolsi BÁLINT, BOYER et WOJTUSAIK, 2006, which is hypothesized to be the most closely related taxon based on the characters in dorsal forewing androconia and ventral wing pattern. With 30 figures.
Keywords: Ecuador, Andes, Peru, cloud forest, Theclinae, androconia

Journal: Folia entomologica hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Folia ent. hung.
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