Fragmenta Minerologica et Palaeontologica

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Author(s): Hably, L.
Title: The possibilities of quantitative evaluation in palaeontology presented on some Upper Oligocene floras
Year: 1981
Volume: 10
Pages: 19-26.

Abstract: Researches of recent btocoenoses result in an ever increasing number of equations wich make possible to express the characteristics of floras or faunas by means of figures. These can be divided into two groups: 1. semi-quantitative figures, referring only to species and 2. quantitative figures referring also to specimens as well. From the first group the Jaccard-coefficient, the SOrensen-index and the Koch-index, from the second group Shannon's diversity-index, uniformity, divergence-difference, as well as the comparison by means of Horn's "overlap"-index of three Upper Oligocene floras will be presented.

Journal: Fragmenta Minerologica et Palaeontologica
Journal abbreviation:
ISSN: 0367-2697
Publisher: Népművelési Propaganda Iroda, Budapest
Editor(s): Vörös, A. & Nemes, I.