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Author(s): Árkai, P.
Title: Contribution to the knowledge of the polymetamorphic basement of the Great Plain (Pannonian Basin, East Hungary): the environment of the Derecske Depression
Year: 1987
Volume: 13
Pages: 7-20.

Abstract: In the basement the first, medium-grade, medium-pressure (Barrovian, 18-26°Ckm thermal gradient) event was overprinted by a low pressure type (29-43°Ckm), diverse, partly prograde, mainly retrograde recrystallization preceded locally by mylonitization. The age relations are not proved at present. However the basement may be correlated with the Middle Proterozoic (?) Somes series (Apuseni Mts.); a Hercynian or Caledono-Hercynian plurifacial model based on the striking similarities to the other parts of the Great Plain, Transdanubia, and the Eastern Alps seems to be more probable.

Journal: Fragmenta Minerologica et Palaeontologica
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ISSN: 0367-2697
Publisher: Múzsák Közművelődési Kiadó, Budapest
Editor(s): Vörös, A. & Nemes, I.