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Author(s): Kordos, L.
Title: Karstocricetus skofleki gen. n., sp. n. and the evolution of the Late Neogene Cricetidae in the Carpathian Basin
Year: 1987
Volume: 13
Pages: 65-88.

Abstract: The present study is part of a taxonomical and stratigraphie revision that aims at a better knowledge of the Neogene mammalian fauna of the Carpathian Basin. As a result, disregarding the ambiguous comparison with the finds originating from greater distances, the author describes the succession of the local Cricetidae. The study deals with 16 species of 10 genera: Eumyarion bifidus, Democricetodon gaillardi, Neocricetodon schauni, N. fahlbuschi, Karstocricetus skofleki gen.n., sp. n., Karstocricetus sp., Cricetus kormosi, Cricetus sp., Kowalskia polonica, K. magna, K. intermedia, Cricetulus spp. I-II, Cricetinus europaeus, Allocricetus cf. bursae and Baranomys sp.

Journal: Fragmenta Minerologica et Palaeontologica
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ISSN: 0367-2697
Publisher: Múzsák Közművelődési Kiadó, Budapest
Editor(s): Vörös, A. & Nemes, I.