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Author(s): Monostori, M.
Title: Pliensbachian ostracod fauna from condensed limestones of the Bakony Mts (Transdanubian Central Range, Hungary)
Year: 1996
Volume: 18
Pages: 31-61.

Abstract: This work contains the description and paleoecological evaluation of ostracoda fauna from some condensed limestone sections of the Bakony Mts., Transdanubian Central Range, Hungary. From 17 species determined in this fauna 10 are new species or subspecies. Further 7 species are well known from the epicontinental European seas. The material of 10 more species is not suitable for their description and correct determination. The distribution of specimens shows, that the most frequent species have Inner Tethyan origin and they are descendants of local Triassic forms. During the submersion of the Late Triassic carbonate platforms in the Early Jurassic some of their characteristic faunal elements could survive on the seamounts (e. g. some ornate Bairdiidae). The sediments were accumulated on or around the seamounts mainly below the sublittoral zone and the seamount forms were mixed with the basin forms.

Journal: Fragmenta Minerologica et Palaeontologica
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