Search help

You can search in the following database fields: title, abstract, keywords, author (only family names but no given names or their acronym can be searched), volume, year and subject. The "all fields" search lists all hits in title, abstract, keywords and subject. In the search fields you can use 2 substituting characters:

– with the underline character ("_"): you can subsitute a single character. Example: "abc_efgh" in the search fields result the following hits: "abcdefgh", "abc1efgh", "abccefgh";

– with the percentage sign ("%"): you can subsitute any consecutive characters. Example: you know only part of the author's name e.g. the first two characters: type the Pa% sequence into the search field and it will result all names starts with "Pa" for example Papp, Pap, Párducz, Paramonow, Paulian etc.

The searching engine doesn't differentiate accented and special characters. They handled as the nearest latin character without accent. Example: if you would like to find "Roháček", it is not necessary to type into the field "Roháček", you receive the same hits with "Rohacek".