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Author(s): Jeney, G.
Title: The occurrence of Thelohanellus dogieli Achmerov, 1955 (Myxosporidia) on carp (Cyprinus carpio) in fish ponds in Hungary
Year: 1979
Volume: 12
Pages: 19-20.

Abstract: A common occurrence of the cyst of Thelohanellus dogieli Achmerov, 1955 on the fins of carp fry bred in South Hungarian fish ponds is reported. This parasite known before only in the Far East, might come from fish imported to Europe.

Journal: Parasitologia Hungarica
Journal abbreviation:
ISSN: 0303-688X
Publisher: Népművelési Propaganda Iroda, Budapest
Editor(s): Kassai, T., Kralovánszky, A., K. Murai, É., Thoma, A. & Nemes, I.