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Author(s): Hajdú, É., Matskási, I. & Juhász, S.
Title: Fasciola hepatica (L., 1758): Studies on protease and proteaseinhibitor activity
Year: 1979
Volume: 12
Pages: 21-30.

Abstract: Proteolytic enzyme and protease inhibitor activities were demonstrated in somatic extracts and maintenance media of liver flukes (Fasciola hepatica). Against previous observations the extract and the medium reveals BAEE- and BTEE-splitting activities also at alkaline pH (8.0). The somatic extract inactivates the esterolytic effect of bovine trypsin and chymotrypsin. In vitro maintained live flukes, too, were able to decrease the activity of bovine proteases added to the medium, even after sealing of their oral sucker with the tissue cement Histoacryl.

Journal: Parasitologia Hungarica
Journal abbreviation:
ISSN: 0303-688X
Publisher: Népművelési Propaganda Iroda, Budapest
Editor(s): Kassai, T., Kralovánszky, A., K. Murai, É., Thoma, A. & Nemes, I.