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Author(s): Sey, O.
Title: A review of chemotherapy of paramphistomosis of domestic ruminants in Europe
Title: Szemle az európai házikérődzők paramphistomosisának gyógyszeres kezeléséről
Year: 1989
Volume: 22
Pages: 51-55.

Abstract: Paramphistomosis is a disease caused by infection with rumen flukes. Of the species present in Europe, Calicophoron daubneyi, C. microbothrium, Paramphistomum cervi and P. ichikawai might be incriminated as causative agents. Anthelmintics that have been used against rumen flukes of domestic ruminants are reviewed and further details are given on the most effective drugs.
Keywords: chemotherapy, Paramphistomosis, European domestic ruminants

Journal: Parasitologia Hungarica
Journal abbreviation:
ISSN: 0303-688X
Publisher: Prokopi Kft, Budapest
Editor(s): K. Murai, É., Thoma, A., Kovács, G. & Henkey, Gy.