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Author(s): Lőrincz, G., Papp, L. & Kozma, J.
Title: Computer simultation of the role of the face fly, Musca autumnalis, in spreading and causing infectious bovine keratoconjuctivitis (IBK), based on field data
Title: A Musca autumnalis légyfaj fertőző kötő- és szaruhártya-gyulladással kapcsolatos szerepének számítógépes szimulációja terepadatok alapján
Year: 1989
Volume: 22
Pages: 75-85.

Abstract: Face fly counts were made in three lowland pastures of Hungary on the whole body and on the eyes of cattle and also the duration of face fly visits on eyes were measured. As a mean, 13.6 face flies per body and 2.63 face flies per head were found with 21.9% of flies on the eyes. Half of the face fly visits is of short duration (less than 10 seconds) but one-third of the visits is longer than one minute. Flies of this latter category may be Involved in causing mechanical damage to bovine eyes. A stochastic computer simulation was made modeling the pasture situation with host changes, based on our field data. Simulation results suggest that the activity of face flies can alone maintain complete infestation in a herd by their host changes with infective agents. The most important simulation result is that long (> 60 seconds) fly visits (i.e. mechanical damage to eyes) with evening mean values may have extremely high individual values.
Keywords: Diptera, face fly, Musca autumnalis, IBK, transmission, computer simulation

Journal: Parasitologia Hungarica
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ISSN: 0303-688X
Publisher: Prokopi Kft, Budapest
Editor(s): K. Murai, É., Thoma, A., Kovács, G. & Henkey, Gy.