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Author(s): Farkas, R. & Papp, L.
Title: Species composition and breeding sites of fly communites (Diptera) in caged-layer houses in Hungary
Title: Ketreces tojóházak légyegyütteseinek (Diptera) fajösszetétele és tenyészőhelyei
Year: 1989
Volume: 22
Pages: 93-98.

Abstract: This is the first dipterological survey to reveal the species composition and breeding sites of fly communities, in poultry houses in Hungary. In July, August and October 1987, manure and feed refuse samples were taken in a caged-layer house of a co-operative farm in the outskirts of Budapest. Flies were reared from the samples in laboratory (n = 9275). Among the representatives of the 15 species reared, the housefly, the primary pest in poultry houses, was found in low numbers as a consequence of predation by the larvae of Hydrotaea ignava (Harris, 1780). A larger number of Fannia canicularis L. was reared and also Stomoxys calcitrans L. was found. A drosophilid species, Drosophila repleta Woll. was reared in the highest number and studies are proposed to evaluate its veterinary importance. The primary breeding sites in the house are in the accumulated manure and feed refuses on collecting plates beneath both ends of the upper tiers. Areas beneath and near the feed containers (outside the house) are also important breeding sites. No differences were found between the July and August samples (518 specimens of 8 spp. in 11 samples vs. 405 specimens of 14 spp. in 15 samples, the latter with some accessorial species). The samples from October (8352 specimens of 5 spp. in 13 samples) were predominated by Drosophila repleta Woll.
Keywords: Diptera, Hungary, species composition, filth flies, breeding sites, poultry

Journal: Parasitologia Hungarica
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ISSN: 0303-688X
Publisher: Prokopi Kft, Budapest
Editor(s): K. Murai, É., Thoma, A., Kovács, G. & Henkey, Gy.