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Author(s): Gubányi, A., Tenora, F. & Murai, É.
Title: Paranoplocephala genovi sp. n. (Cestoda, Anoplocephalidae) from the muskrat (Ondatra zibeticus L.)
Year: 1998
Volume: 31
Pages: 33-38.

Abstract: Paranoplocephala genovi sp. n. is described from Ondatra zibethicus in the Czech Republic. The new species is characterised by numerous testes, numbering 78 to 129 in several layers, situated mostly aporally to female glands, many of them behind the aporal lateral excretory canals, few anteriorly and some may overlap aporal and anterior lobes of ovary. Cirrus sac piriform, relatively long 94 to 117 by 225 to 258 µm, never across and behind poral lateral excretory canals. External seminal vesicle 40 to 66 by 410 to 503 µm, tubular, covered by a layer of cells. Cirrus spined. Vagina 48 to 76 by 223 to 267 µm, open posteriorly to male pore, always shorter than cirrus sac, surrounded by thick cellular stripe, sleeve 78 to 129 µm in width, lumen 18 to 77 µm in diameter. Seminal receptacle big and long (291 to 373 by 847 to 949 µm), cross-striking osmoregulatory canals. Uterus at first aggregation of cells, transverse, dorsal, becoming later reticulate and developing anterior and posterior sacculation. In gravid segments, uterus situated bilaterally across and behind osmoregulatory canals. The new species is related to the species Paranoplocephala aquatica Genov, Vasileva et Georgiev, 1996 and to the species Aprostatandrya macrocephala (Douthitt, 1915).
Keywords: Czech Republic, Paranoplocephala genovi sp. n., P. aquatica, Aprostatandrya macrocephala, host Ondatra zibethicus

Journal: Parasitologia Hungarica
Journal abbreviation:
ISSN: 0303-688X
Publisher: Magyar Parazitológusok Társasága, Budapest
Editor(s): K. Murai, É., Thoma, A., Gubányi, A. & Tajti, T. Zs.