Annales Musei historico-naturalis hungarici

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Author(s): Ronkay, L.
Title: On the taxonomy and zoogeography of some Palearctic and Indo-Australian Plusiinae (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)
Year: 1986
Publication date: 1986-12-31
Volume: 78
Pages: 205-218.

Abstract: Description of three new species, Macdunnoughia hybrida sp. n. and Polydchrysia marmorea sp. n., notes on the taxonomic status of Autoggrapha khinjana, sp. bona and Diachrisia chrysitis generosa ssp. bona. Records of Plusiinae species from Korea, India, Vietnam, Ceylon, Australia and New Guinea from the collection of the Hungarian Natural History Museum are given.
Subject: entomology

Journal: Annales historico-naturales Musei nationalis hungarici
Journal abbreviation: Annls hist.-nat. Mus. nat. hung.
ISSN: 0521-4726
Publisher: Múzsák Közművelődési Kiadó, Budapest
Editor(s): Kovács, I. & Papp, J.