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Author(s): Bordat, P.
Title: Résultats de la mission scientifique hongroise "Teleki" en Afrique. Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Aphodiidae
Title: Results of the "Teleki" Hungarian Scientific Africa Expedition. Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Aphodiidae
Year: 1992
Publication date: 1992-12-31
Volume: 84
Pages: 93-109.

Abstract: This notes gives the list of Aphodiidae collected during the trip of the Hungarian Scientific Africa Expedition "Teleki". Five new species of Aphodius are described (A. vojnits sp. n., A. telekii sp. n., A. magnicornis sp. n., A. levithorax sp. n. and A. okeani sp. n.). Three taxa of infrasubspecies rank are raised to species rank (Aphodius (M.) rutilis ab rutilior Endrődi is Aphodius (M.) rutilior Endrődi, bona species; Aphodius (M.) dorsalis ab. indorsalis Endrődi is Aphodius (M.) indorsalis Endrődi, bona species; Aphodius (P.) ignotus ab. subovalis Endrődi is Aphodius (P.) subovalis Endrődi, bona species). Four new combinations of Aphodius species are proposed: A. (Orodalus) marlieri Endrődi is A. (Mesontoplatys) marlieri Endrődi, comb. n.; A. (Pharaphodius) ugandanus Balthasar is A. (Nobius) ugandanus Balthasar comb. n.; A. (Cinacanthus) tibialis Schmidt is A. (Pharaphodius) tibialis Schmidt, comb. n.; A. (Blackburneus) badius Boheman is A. (Trichaphodius) badius Boheman, comb. n.
Subject: entomology

Journal: Annales historico-naturales Musei nationalis hungarici
Journal abbreviation: Annls hist.-nat. Mus. nat. hung.
ISSN: 0521-4726
Publisher: Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum, Budapest
Editor(s): Matskási, I. & Merkl, O.