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Author(s): Kirejtshuk, A. G.
Title: Notes on the systematics of the African Nitidulidae (Coleoptera)
Year: 2001
Publication date: 2001-11-30
Volume: 93
Pages: 17-89.

Abstract: In this paper the following new species are described from Africa: Carpophilus (Carpophilus) africanus, C. (C.) celisi, C. (Myothorax) congoensis, C. (M.) joliveti, C. (M.) mimicus, Urophorus (Anophorus) grossopunctatus, Pria impulchra, P. kenyaensis, P. parviclava, P. transvaalensis, Meligethes (Chromogethes) amicus, M. (C.) cultus, M. (C.) involutus, M. (C.) pro- fundopunctatus, M. (C.) schulzei, M. (C.) violascens, M. (C.) vitabundus, M. (Clypeogethes) merkli, Aethina (Circopes) longicollis, A. (C.) parvula, Brachypeplus (Brachypeplus) amplus. Grouvellepeplus gen. n. is proposed for Brachypeplus acuminatus Grouvelle, 1919 (type-species) and G. endroedyi sp. n. - both species of the new genus are from the Equatorial Africa. Tokocillaeus gen. n. is proposed for Cillaeus linearis Erichson, 1843 and Paracillaeopsis subgen. n. for pubescent species of the genus Cillaeus Laporte, 1835. The taxa Leiopeplus Murray, 1864 and Liparopeplus Murray, 1864 are raised to generic rank, and designation of type-species are designated for them and for the genus Cillaeus. The taxa Cillaeus, Xanthopeplus Fairmaire, 1880 and Paracillaeopsis subgen. n. are considered as subgenera of the same genus. The genus Idosoronia Schaufuss, 1891 is included in the subfamily Cillaeinae, but the genus Ecnomaeus Erichson, 1843 is transferred from it to the subfamily Epuraeinae. Brachypeplus tachinoides Grouvelle, 1915 is regarded as a member of the subfamily Maynipeplinae with unclear position. Lectotype designation for Carpophilus (Carpophilus) bistigma Grouvelle, 1908, Aethina (Circopes) rotundata Grouvelle, 1896, A. (C.) pubescens Grouvelle, 1906 (not Erichson, 1843) and A. (C.) tomentosa Grouvelle, 1906 is given. New synonymies proposed: Pria adusta Cooper, 1982 = P unicolor Cooper, 1982, syn. n.; P. basilewskyi Kirejtshuk, 1980 = P. coenosa Cooper, 1982, syn. n. and P. coenosa australis Cooper, 1982, syn. n.; P. biplagiata Kirejtshuk, 1980 = P. marginata Cooper, 1982, syn. n. and P. nigrifrons Cooper, 1982, syn. n.; P. curta Cooper, 1982 = P. fulviceps Cooper, 1982, syn. n.; P. hildebrandti Grouvelle, 1913 = P. ferruginea Cooper, 1982, syn. n.; P. pauli Grouvelle, 1908 = P. ochracea Cooper, 1982, syn. n. and P. rufipes Cooper, 1982, syn. n.; P. pulchra Kirejtshuk, 1980 = P. pilicornis Cooper, 1982, syn. n.; P. umbrosa Cooper, 1982 = P. fragilis Cooper, 1982, syn. n. and P. nitens Cooper, 1982, syn. n.; P weisei Grouvelle, 1908 = P. aerata Cooper, 1982, syn. n.; Aethina (Circopes) africana Grouvelle, 1909 = A. (C.) philippinensis Grouvelle, 1916; A. (C.) rotundata = A. (C.) pubescens Grouvelle, 1906, syn. n. (not Erichson, 1843) and A. (C.) tomentosa syn. n. The names Carpophilus (Carpophilus) bisignatus Boheman, 1851 and C. (C.) bistigma Grouvelle, 1908 seemed to be proposed for the representatives of the same species, however, the type specimen of the first name is female and at the moment cannot be unequivocally interpreted. The species named here as Pria concolor Grouvelle, 1899 (paralectotype studied by the author) can be synonymized with P. obscura Cooper, 1982 and P. puncticollis Cooper, 1982, the type series of which were checked by the author (if the lectotype designated by Cooper is conspecific with the mentioned paralectotype). Pria nigricans Grouvelle, 1899 is recognized as a species distinct from P. magna Reitter, 1872, although the names P. nigricans and P. ruficollis Grouvelle, 1899 are regarded as synonyms. Keys to the species of subgenus Chromogethes Kirejtshuk, 1989 of the genus Meligethes Stephens, 1830, and the subgenus Circopes Reitter, 1873 of the genus Aethina Erichson, 1843 as well as to the Afro-Madagascan genera of the subfamily Cillaeinae, and some new data on distribution of different species are also given. With 129 figures.
Keywords: new species, Coleoptera, Nitidulidae, new genera, new subgenera, identification keys, Africa
Subject: entomology

Journal: Annales historico-naturales Musei nationalis hungarici
Journal abbreviation: Annls hist.-nat. Mus. nat. hung.
ISSN: 0521-4726
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Matskási, I. & Merkl, O.