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Author(s): Bálint, Zs., Katona, G. & Kun, A.
Title: The scientific publications of Dr László Gozmány (1921 2006) on Lepidoptera with a revised bibliography and an annotated list of taxon names he proposed
Year: 2011
Volume: 103
Pages: 373-428.

Abstract: The complete bibliographic list of 141 scientific works on Lepidoptera written by Dr LÁSZLÓ GOZMÁNY, former curator of Lepidoptera in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, is presented with reference to 800 names he proposed. The bibliography is supplemented by the catalogue of the names arranged according to family-group (13), genusgroup (150) and species-group (637) names and listed in alphabetical order with reference to original description, type status, sex, country of origin, type locality and depositor. With 6 figures.
Keywords: Hungarian Natural History Museum, bibliography, list of taxon names, Microlepidoptera, László Gozmány
Subject: history of science

Journal: Annales historico-naturales Musei nationalis hungarici
Journal abbreviation: Annls hist.-nat. Mus. nat. hung.
ISSN: 0521-4726
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Matskási, I. & Merkl, O.