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Author(s): Oláh, J.
Title: On the Trichoptera of Vietnam, with description of 52 new species
Year: 2013
Volume: 105
Pages: 55-134.

Abstract: 139 Trichoptera species have been determined from the material collected in Vietnam by the author and by the scientists of the Hungarian Natural History Museum. 52 new species are described in the following genera: Stenopsyche (2), Dolophilodes (2), Kisaura (1), Tinodes (1), Diplectrona (6), Hydromanicus (2), Macrostemum (2), Pseudoleptonema (2), Himalopsyche (1), Rhyacophila (5), Agaputus (4), Glossosoma (1), Nepaloptila (1), Lepidotoma (12), Oecetis (8), Trichosetodes (2). 87 new records are presented. With 221 figures.
Keywords: caddisflies, new species, Trichoptera, Viet Nam
Subject: zoology

Journal: Annales historico-naturales Musei nationalis hungarici
Journal abbreviation: Annls hist.-nat. Mus. nat. hung.
ISSN: 0521-4726
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Merkl, O., Matskási, I. & Fuisz, T. I.