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Author(s): Dulai, A.
Title: Middle Miocene (Badenian) Polyplacophora (Mollusca) remains from borehole Szokolya-2 (Börzsöny Mts, Hungary, Central Paratethys)
Year: 2001
Volume: 19
Pages: 39-49.

Abstract: Polyplacophora valves are hardly known from Hungarian Miocene deposits. Recently, small polyplacophorans were found in the Badenian (Middle Miocene) small-sized grey marly sandstones at the southern part of the Börzsöny Mts (North Hungary, borehole Szokolya-2). Five determinable specimens refer to a very diverse fauna: Lepidochitona lepida (REUSS), Acanthocbitona faluniensis (ROCHEBRUNE), Cryptoplax weinlandi SULC, Cryptoplax margitae n. sp. With the exception of the new species, the other three ones belong to the most frequent Miocene Polyplacophora remains of the Central Paratethys (they are also common in the Korytnica Basin, Vienna Basin and Transylvanian Basin). The accompanying fauna contains diverse mollusc and bryozoa remains.
Keywords: new species, Hungary, Central Paratethys, Polyplacophora, Middle Miocene, Badenian, Lepidochitona, Acanthocbitona, Cryptoplax

Journal: Fragmenta Palaeontologica Hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Fragm. Palaeont. Hung.
ISSN: 1586-930X
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Szabó, J. & Matskási, I.