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Author(s): Kazár, E. & Lantos, Z.
Title: Taphonomy and palaeoecology of the holotype of Heterodelphys leiodontus Papp, 1905 (Cetacea, Mammalia) from Szentmargita (St. Margarethen, Austria)
Year: 2001
Volume: 19
Pages: 51-60.

Abstract: Investigation of the type specimen of Heterodelphis leiodontus Papp, 1905 and the embedding Leithakalk yielded a taphonomic model and a paleoenvironment reconstruction. Preservation of an articulated skeleton is exceptional for the Leithakalk. After death the studied specimen underwent rapid burial caused by sudden sediment redeposition, probably due to stormy water movements. The burial took place in a shallow, euphotic, nearshore marine environment. The sediment was coarse, calcareous sand composed mainly of red algal grains. We suppose that fragments of coralline algae have originated from maerl while other microfaunal elements have been transported from a sea-grass meadow community. Reefs were not present in the close vicinity.
Keywords: taphonomy, Badenian, Miocene, Leithakalk, Paratethys, St Margarethen (Austria), paleoecology, Odontoceti, Heterodelp

Journal: Fragmenta Palaeontologica Hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Fragm. Palaeont. Hung.
ISSN: 1586-930X
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Szabó, J. & Matskási, I.