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Author(s): Kordos, L.
Title: Eocene sea cows (Sirenia, Mammalia) from Hungary
Year: 2002
Volume: 20
Pages: 43-48.

Abstract: Although the territory of Hungary is rich in Eocene sea cow remains, there are only few among the sporadic finds that hold significant systematic value. Because several new taxa have been described from the area in the past and new discoveries shed light on some important phylogenetic lineages, the author has attempted a revision of the most important sirenian remains of Hungary. Four taxa can be distinguished in the Eocene of Hungary: Sirenavus hungaricus Kretzoi (including Paralitherium tarkanyense Kordos), Anisosiren pannonica Kordos, Sirenia indet. I (earlier: Protosiren), and Sirenia indet. II (earlier: Eotheroides or "large form"). The present paper includes a list of all Eocene Sirenia finds from Hungary housed in State collections and in private hand.
Keywords: Hungary, Eocene, Mammalia, Sirenia

Journal: Fragmenta Palaeontologica Hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Fragm. Palaeont. Hung.
ISSN: 1586-930X
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Szabó, J. & Matskási, I.