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Author(s): Szabó, J.
Title: Gastropods of the Early Jurassic Hierlatz limestone formation; part 1: a revision of type collections from Austrian and Hungarian localities
Year: 2008
Volume: 26
Pages: 1-108.

Abstract: As first part of a planned series, the major collections of gastropods, published from the Early Jurassic Hierlatz Limestone Formation has been revised taxonomically, and as a result, an up-to-date systematical arrangement is presented below. The revision aims to restore the correct species composition of the type collections first of all, but some suggestions for modifications were also necessary on the levels of different higher categories. Another intention is to gather as much reliable data on the known gastropods from the Hierlatz Limestone into a single publication as possible to provide a better base to continue the exploration of the world of these not really well-known components of the Jurassic biota. The taxonomical errors of the early publications caused also many derived mistakes and uncertainties. Their corrections in this publication will hopefully help to reach more reliable evaluation of these gastropods in different fields of general palaeontology. The number of the distinguished species is 113; most of them belong to formerly known ones, but many new species are established mainly for misidentified or misinterpreted specimens. Several further new species remained in the unlabelled parts of the studied collections, which will be objects of a next publication. The preservation and the accessibility of the originally aragonitic shells are rather bad in the Hierlatz Limestone owing to the characteristically strong recrystallisation. As consequence, important morphological elements are frequently lacking therefore the recurrent use of the open nomenclature can not be avoided. The new taxa are: Plectotrochus n. gen. (type species: Trochus plectus Stoliczka, 1861), Discohelix pseudornata n. sp., Discohelix hallstattensis n. sp., Discohelix sima n. sp., Discohelix stoliczkai n. sp., Discohelix lobitzeri n. sp, Asterohelix urkutensis n. sp., Ptychomphalus kericserensis n. sp., Wortheniopsis (Wortheniopsis) urkutensis n. sp., Wortheniopsis (Sisenna) hierlatzensis n. sp., Wortheniopsis (Sisenna) jancsii n. sp., Wortheniopsis (Sisenna) lokutensis n. sp., Pleurotomaria eplenyensis n. sp., Laevitomaria danii n. sp., Bathrotomaria martiae n. sp., Lewisiella stoliczkai n. sp., Lewisiella turbinata n. sp., Crossostoma? schafbergensis n. sp., Anticonulus acutus n. sp., Epulotrochus tuberculatus n. sp., Eucyclus (Eucyclus) mitterseensis n. sp., Eucyclus (Eucyclus) sandrae n. sp., Eucyclus (Lokuticyclus) spinnerinensis n. sp., Scaevola? suissenseensis n. sp.
Keywords: Gastropoda, systematics, Early Jurassic, taxonomical revision, Hierlatz Limestone Formation

Journal: Fragmenta Palaeontologica Hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Fragm. Palaeont. Hung.
ISSN: 1586-930X
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Szabó, J. & Matskási, I.