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Author(s): Hír, J. & Kókay, J.
Title: Late Badenian (MN 7/8) molluscs and rodents from Mátraszőlős 3 (Northern Hungary)
Year: 2011
Volume: 28
Pages: 69-78.

Abstract: In 1998 a new Miocene microvertebrate locality was found close to the previously sampled and described localities Mátraszőlős 1 and 2. In the mollusc material of Mátraszőlős 3, there are also some marine and brackish water elements. The rodent finds provides an opportunity for systematic precisions. The biochronological position of the Mátraszőlős faunas can be confirmed.
Keywords: Miocene, taxonomy, rodents, molluscs, continental stratigraphy
Subject: palaeontology

Journal: Fragmenta Palaeontologica Hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Fragm. Palaeont. Hung.
ISSN: 1586-930X
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Szabó, J., Dulai, A. & Fuisz, T. I.