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Author(s): Vörös, A.
Title: Early Jurassic brachiopods from diverse localities of northern Anatolia (Turkey)
Year: 2014
Volume: 31
Pages: 7-49.


Abstract: The Early Jurassic brachiopods collected by Fusun Alkaya from diverse localities of northern Anatolia (Turkey) were examined in detail. The taxonomic and nomenclatural study of the 93 specimens resulted in 32 brachiopod taxa. They represent 18 genera and 31 nominal species; these are shortly described and documented by photographs and partly by serial sections. The species Cirpa alkayae is introduced and described as new. The brachiopod localities fall to the Sakarya Zone of northern Anatolia. Presence vs. absence data of the identified species in the major Tethyan palaeogeographic provinces show that the Early Jurassic brachiopod fauna of the Sakarya Zone has a transitional character between the two major faunal provinces (NW-European and Mediterranean). With 115 figures and 1 table.
Keywords: Turkey, Brachiopoda, Lower Jurassic, systematic description
Subject: palaeontology

Journal: Fragmenta Palaeontologica Hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Fragm. Palaeont. Hung.
ISSN: 1586-930X
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Dulai, A., Lőkös, L. & Fuisz, T. I.