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Author(s): Sulgostowska, T. & Giziewicz, J.
Title: Influence of material extracted from Diploposthe laevis (Bloch) and D. bifaria (Siebold in Creplin) (Cestoda) on tapeworm Hymenolepis diminuta (Rudolphi) in rats
Year: 1985
Publication date: 1985-12-15
Volume: 3
Pages: 37-40.

Abstract: Interspecific relationships in tapeworms were investigated. Acetone-extracted oil (AEO) and post-acetone water extracts (WE) were prepared from the worms Diploposthe laevis (Bloch, 1782) and D. bifaria (Siebold in Creplin, 1846), collected from the ducks Aythya ferina (L.) and A. nyroca (Güld). These materials were intragastrically administered to Wistar rats, which had earlier been experimentally infected with the tapeworm Hymenolepis diminuta (Rudolphi, 1819). The rats were sacrificed and the behaviour of H. diminuta in the intestine was observed in order to determine its reaction to the worm extracts. For comparison, the behaviour of H. diminuta in infected, bat untreated, rats was examined. It was found that AEO exerted a toxic effect on H. diminuta, where as WE showed no activity. Analogous materials prepared from random species of tapeworms collected from the duck genus Anas had no effect on H. diminuta.

Journal: Miscellanea zoologica hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Miscnea zool. hung.
ISSN: 0230-9017
Publisher: Múzsák Közművelődési Kiadó, Budapest
Editor(s): Murai, É., Forró, L., Pintér, L. & Nemes, I.