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Author(s): Bankovics, A. & Melián Hernández, L. O.
Title: Bird migration data from a mangrove swamp near Santiago de Cuba
Year: 1994
Publication date: 1994-09-30
Volume: 9
Pages: 121-134.

Abstract: The avifauna of a mangrove swamp was studied by a 4-day ringing camp and field observations along the Caribbean coast in November 1992. 66 bird species were recorded in the studied area, mostly in the two characteristic habitat, the mangrove forest and the salty lagoon. The most numerous Passerines in the mangrove were Seiurus noveboracensis and Dendroica petechia. In the salty lagoon the two dominant species were Calidris pusilla and Himantopus mexicanus. Some rare birds of the area were also recorded, like Anas americana, Limnodromus griseus and Micropalama himantopus.
Keywords: mangrove swamp, salty lagoon, bird ringing, migration, biometrical data

Journal: Miscellanea zoologica hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Miscnea zool. hung.
ISSN: 0230-9017
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Forró, L., Bankovics, A., Demeter, A., Korsós, Z., Murai, É., Pintér, L. & Matskási, I.