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Author(s): Meisch, C. & Forró, L.
Title: Checklist of Recent Ostracoda (Crustacea) from Hungary
Year: 1997
Publication date: 1997-10-30
Volume: 11
Pages: 33-48.

Abstract: A checklist of Recent Ostracoda, containing 89 species, from Hungary is given. The history of the scientific investigations of the Recent ostracods of Hungary is reported. For each species the following data are provided: important synonyms; general distribution; list of references recording the species from Hungary. Cypria ophtalmica var. lata Sywula, 1981 is elevated to species rank: Cypria lata (Sywula, 1981). Eight species are recorded as new to Hungary: Candona sanociensis Sywula, 1971, Pseudocandona sucki (Hartwig, 1901), Candodopsis scourfieldi Brady, 1910, Cypria lata (Sywula, 1981), Cypria reptans Bronstein, 1928, Notodromas persica Gurney, 1921, Heterocypris barbara (Gauthier , Brehm, 1928), and Cypridopsis elongata (Kaufmann, 1900).
Keywords: Hungary, Crustacea, Ostracoda

Journal: Miscellanea zoologica hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Miscnea zool. hung.
ISSN: 0230-9017
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Forró, L., Bankovics, A., Korsós, Z. & Matskási, I.