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Author(s): Orbán, S.
Title: Moos-arealgeographische Studien aus dem Gebiet der Karpaten und im Karpatenbecken. IV.
Title: Moha-áreageográfiai tanulmányok a Kárpátok és a Kárpát-medence területéről. IV.
Year: 1976
Volume: 11
Pages: 49-81.

Abstract: In the fourth part of the series of studies the elaboration of mosses is continued, comprising the investigation of Carpatho-Pannonian distribution of 20 species assigned according to Reimers's system to the genera Stylostegium, Blindia, Trematodon, Pseudephemerum, Anisothecium, Dicranella, Amphidium, Rhabdoweisia, Cnestrum. A brief evaluation based on world distribution, climatic character, ecological character, literature and herbarial data and the corresponding areal maps is given.
Subject: botany

Journal: Studia botanica hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Studia bot. hung.
ISSN: 0301-7001
Publisher: Népművelési Propaganda Iroda, Budapest
Editor(s): Orbán, S. & Nemes, I.