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Author(s): Papp, B.
Title: Investigation of the bryoflora of some streams in Greece
Year: 1998
Publication date: 1999-10-30
Volume: 29
Pages: 59-67.

Abstract: Five liverwort and 36 moss species were collected from 4 Greek streams. Out of these 9 are new to certain regions, rare in Greece or otherwise interesting. On the basis of floristical comparison and characterisation Mt Pilion seems to be a very interesting area, the bryophyte flora of its stream has similarity with that of certain Hungarian streams. This area is worthy of further investigations.
Keywords: Greece, bryophytes, streams
Subject: botany

Journal: Studia botanica hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Studia bot. hung.
ISSN: 0301-7001
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Papp, B. & Matskási, I.