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Author(s): Barina, Z.
Title: Orobanche alba subsp. major in Hungary
Year: 2009
Publication date: 2009-11-30
Volume: 40
Pages: 5-10.

Abstract: The presence of the little known Orobanche alba subsp. major in Hungary, not treated in existing Hungarian botanical literature, is discussed in context of the known range of the taxon in Europe. The actual distribution in Hungary is also shown based on data including the herbarium of BP. A brief taxonomic history with synonyms and its morphological and phenological features of the subspecies are also provided.
Keywords: taxonomy, distribution, broomrape, host plant
Subject: botany

Journal: Studia botanica hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Studia bot. hung.
ISSN: 0301-7001
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Papp, B. & Matskási, I.