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Author(s): Şenkardeşler, A.
Title: The correct status of “Fragm. typi” introduced by Klára Verseghy.
Year: 2019
Volume: 50
Pages: 299-305.


Abstract: Klára Verseghy used the term “Fragm. typi” in her catalogue of the type specimens deposited in BP. However, this status is in conflict with the Code. “Fragm. typi” were replaced by lectotype and isolectotype of the following names: Buellia samothrakiana, Caloplaca servitiana, Catillaria servitii, Catillaria zsakii, Lecania nylanderiana var. ochracea, Lecanora atra var. aegaeica, L. cengiae-samboae, L. rhodi, Lecidea aegaeica f. acrustacea and Rinodina samothrakiana.
Keywords: Greece, lichens, Hungary, Iran, lichenized Ascomycota, typification

Journal: Studia botanica hungarica
Journal abbreviation: Studia bot. hung.
ISSN: 0301-7001
Publisher: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest
Editor(s): Barina, Z.